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Mission Statement

Sable Images exhibits a broad look at the moral and material culture that has grown out of a history of racial perceptions and misperceptions in America and around the world. Sable Images seeks to uncover the unspoken and undocumented part of “his-story” not taught in schools. Through its art-skilled exhibitions, children and adults can witness the true dynamics of racism and prejudice in America and increase their awareness of America’s ultimate example of man’s inhumanity to man. The primary purpose of Sable Images’ existence is to:
  • Reveal the true historical record of struggles of African Americans.
  • Expose the malignant treatment and benign neglect.
  • Unveil the cultural, economic, political and social contributions of African Americans.
  • Induce heritage appreciation from students.
  • Promote ethnic/racial respect and tolerance.

In addition, Sable Images strives to increase awareness that antiques, collectibles and memorabilia artifacts are great investments. Without African-American memorabilia, a rich part of America’s history is lost.