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Online Store

The establishment offers a remarkable exhibit of “signs of time gone by” as well as graphically striking and historically important Black folk art. There are very few online stores of this kind that specialize solely in Black Memorabilia. When entering the Sable Images site, one immediately feels the emotional impact of what African-American forefathers experienced. Visitors say they have never seen an online store that carries the overwhelming volume of Black memorabilia that Sable Images does, “it is a place like no other.”

Travelling Exhibit

Willing to host exhibits at educational institutions, community events, professional/social activities and national association conferences nationwide.

Guest Speaker:

Willing to make “ArtiFACTS” presentations on the provocative topic of collecting African-American memorabilia and lecture on memorabilia-oriented topics to help enlighten and educate audiences on the undocumented historical experiences of African Americans.

Tourism Destination

People from all over the world are invited to take part in the Sable Images experience. There is no question that visitors will leave the online store or exhibit with a greater knowledge or raised consciousness of African-American history and a sense of urgency/necessity in collecting, investing, displaying, and passing on the life experience portrayals of African Americans.

Prop Rental

Selected items/artifacts are available for rent for movie/filmmakers and theater plays; rooms with Black memorabilia décor are also for rent.

Educational Tours

Supports and can assist with school curriculums for educators and/or students as a memorabilia resource for advance studies, documentaries, films, authors, designers and other projects.

Decoration Consultant

Will provide assistance and resources for interior decorators (residential and commercial) and planning coordinators on ethnic décor, products and design.

“Knowing Our Past Shapes Our Future”